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Blue Creek Agriventure

Organic Hopi Blue Corn Seeds

Organic Hopi Blue Corn Seeds

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USDA & OEFFA Certified Organic Hopi Blue Corn Seed. (Zeas Mays).

  • Germination 94.00% Min- Max 5-14 days in 55 degrees or higher.
  • 100-110 days to maturation.
  • Approximately 125 seeds in 1 ounce pack.
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Planting Instructions

Fertilize soil a few weeks before planting with manure or rich compost. Corn grows best in full sun with adequate moisture. Plant seeds 3-4" apart when the risk of frost had cleared. Usually mid May for zones 9 &10. 

Growing Instructions

Hopi corn is open pollinated so planting in a block formation is better than a row. Fertilize regularly with an organic liquid once the seedlings have germinated. Hopi used for popcorn/mill/dent is left to mature in the field.

Harvesting Instructions

Pick after the silks have browned and dried and husked ears have dropped. This corn is stored in a dry place until ready to use.

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