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Oaxacan Green Corn Seeds

Oaxacan Green Corn Seeds

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Oaxacan Green Corn Seeds (Zeas Mays) 

  • Germination 90.00% Min- Max 5-14 days in 55 degrees or higher.
  • 95 days to maturation.
  • Approximately 115 seeds in 1 ounce pack.

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Planting Instructions

Pick a sunny area and fertilize soil a few weeks before planting with manure or rich compost. Seed can be sown after the danger of frost and soil temperature is above 50 degrees. In zones 9&10 this is usually mid May. Plant early to ensure full maturity. Plant seed 1 inch deep and 6 to 7 inches apart.

Growing Instructions

Corn plants require full sun and adequate moisture. Oaxacan Green likes nitrogen rich soil. To promote healthy pollination be sure and plant in a block formation of at least 10 - 12 plants.

Harvesting Instructions

Mill corn is left to mature on the cob. The silks and husks will dry out and the kernels will be hard and glossy. Corn is stored until needed.

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